PJ Dunlop

First Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

Feature Films

Rise of a Tomboy - May / June 2015
Director: Guo Dalei;
1st AD: Topher Dow;
Producer: Nelson Kjoury; 
Production Company: Scout Productions & Tomboy Production

Unindian - October / November 2014 (Add 2nd)
Director: Anupam Sharma;
1st AD: Rick Beecroft;
Producer Manager: Sandy Stevens; Production Company: UnIndian Productions

Down Under - January / March 2015
Director: Abe Forsyth;
1st AD: Hamish Gough; 
Producer: Jody Matterson; Production Company: Riot Films

Bactrack - December 2013 / February 2014
Director: Michael Petroni;
1st AD: Greg Cobain; 
Line Producer: Michelle Russel; Producers: Jamie Hilton & Antonia Barnard;
Production Company: See Pictures

Short Films

“Under the Hammer” June 2015
Director: Dan Reisinger;  |
1st AD: Topher Dow; 
Producer: Annie Schutt;
Production Co: Infinity 2


Wooden Sword - August 2012
Director: Boris Vymenets;
1st AD: Topher Dow;
Producer: Topher Dow;
Production Co: AFTRS

Seamstress - August 2010
Director: Gracie Otto;
1st AD: Betty Fotofili;
Prod Mgr: Lisa Shaunessy;
Production Co: Chaotic Pictures

TV & Web Series

Dr Feelgood - September 2014
Director: Vanessa Alexander;
1st AD: Liam Brannigan;
Executive Producer: Marry Anne Carrol;
Production Co: Channel Seven


“Taste - KFC” September 2016
Dir: Will Horne;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Production Manager: Leilani Tomaszewski;
Production Company: OgilvyX

“Mardi Gras Sbs” January 2016
Director: Ben Pietor;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Production Manager: Matt Reader;
Production Company: Curious Films

 “NSW Police MDT” October 2015
Director: Peter Bloomfield;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Prod Mgr: Natalie McNamara;
Production Co: One20

“Family feats - KFC” September 2015
Director: Jason Wingrove;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Prod Mgr: Natalie McNamara;
Production Co: One20

“Mount Franklin - Epic” September 2015
Director: Nick Ball;
1st AD: Greg Cobain;
Prod Mgr: Sassica Donohoo; Production Co: Finch

 “Nestle” August 2015
Director: Jorge Colon; 
1st AD: Topher Dow; 
Prod Mgr: Sandy Stevens; Production Co: Sgt Major

Mortein - Stop the freak out - September 2014
Director: Dave Wood; 1st AD: Eddie Thorne; Production Manager: Jo Messina; Production Company: Plaza Films

Telstra - New Phone Feeling - Feb. 2014
Director: Ben Saunders; 1st AD: Murray Robertson; Producer: Vivienne Jaspers; Production Company: Exit Films

Ten Play - September 2013
Director: Rosey; 1st AD: Greg Cobain; Producer: Catherine Warner; Production Company: Collider

Ryobi 1 Plus - February 2013
Director: Dave Klaiber; 1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald; Producer: Susannah DiLallo; Production Company: Plaza Films

KFC - Bacon Cheese Burger, Black Edition- Feb. 2013
Director: Dean Blumberg;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Producer: Josh Jenkins;
Production Company: ONE20

Alpha Romeo - January 2013
Director: Owen Trevor;
st AD: Greg Cobain;
Producer: Lucas Jenner;
roduction Company: Rabbit Content

Telstra NYE - December 2012
Director: Ben Lawrence;
1st AD: Murry Robertson;
Producer: Rebecca Bennett; Production Company: The Feds

Aldi - Baby Faces - December 2012
Director: Scott Pickett;
1st AD: Naomi Einfield;
Producer: Lee Thompson & Leilani Tomaszewski;
Production Company: Jungle Boys

Unilever Clear - July 2012
Director: Vincent Jerome;
1st AD: Naomi Enfield;
Prod Mgr: Leilani Tomaszewski; 
Production Co: The Sweet Shop

Bravia TV & Xperia Smartphone - June 2012
Director: Julius Avery;
1st AD: Betty Fotofili; 
Production Mgr: Jo Messina; 
Production Company: Exit Films

 Mastercard - Paypass - October 2011
Director: Matt Kamen;  
1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald; 
Producer: Chris Kamen;
Production Company: Photoplay

 “Flatbread - KFC” June 2016
Director: Jason Wingrove; 
1st AD: Alan Robinson; 
Production Manager: Natalie McNamara; 
Production Company: One20

“Telstra” October 2015
Director: Owen Trevor;
1st AD: Topher Dow;
Prod Mgr: Daisy Bray;
Production Co: Rabbit

 “Lemonade” September 2015
Director: Mat Humphrey;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Prod Mgr: Kate Rule;
Production Co: Foxtel

 “FWAW” September 2015
Director: Charles Duncombe;
1st AD: Alan Robinson;
Prod Mgr: Jules Cohen;
Production Co: Channel 9

Woolworths - Created with Jamie - March 2015
Director: Chris Faith; 
1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald; Production Manager: Ilana Lazar; Production Company: Rapid Films

Si- January 2015
Director: Tom Munro; 1st AD: Greg Cobain; Producer: Tiarie Tomaszewski; Production Company: Beach House Films

Telstra - Prepaid Freedom - August 2014
Director: Adam Stevens; 1st AD: Drew Bailey; Producer: Mark Foster; Production Company: Robbers Dog

Celebrate your lifestyle - October 2013
Director: Dave Tomly; 1st AD: Alan Robinson; Producer: Sam Allison; Production Company: Foxtel

IGA - March 2013
Director: Adam Blaiklock; 1st AD: Greg Cobain; Production Manager: Nicole Richardson; Production Company: Film Graphics

Tom Waterhouse- February 2013
Director: David Denneen; 1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald; Producer: Anna Fawcett; Production Company: Film Graphics

Coles & Oral B- February 2013
Director: Craig Rasmus; 1st AD: Adam Wareham; Producer: Michael Cook; Production Company: The Feds

Iinet - January 2013
Director: Nick Ball; 1st AD: Emma Schofield; Producer: Karen Bryson; Production Company: Finch

Foxtel - Selling Houses Dec 2012
Director: Paul Butterworth;
1st AD: Greg Cobain; Producer: Caroline Beattie; Production Company: Foxtel

Nikon - I am - August 2012 (Main)
Director: Henrik Hansen;
1st AD: Simon Ambridge;
Producer: Emilia Schardt;
Prod Mgr: Leilani Tomaszewski; 
Production Co: BIGFISH Film (GER)

I Will Survive (Promo) - June 2012
Director: Armand De Saint Salvy;
1st AD: Betty Fotofili; 
Production Mgr: Kristen Hodges; 
Production Co: Ten Productions

Panasonic - Smart Viera - Nov. 2011
Director: Ryo  Inoue;  
1st AD & Producer: Jonas McLallen; 
Production Manager: Fergus Cahill; 
Production Company: Dynamite (Aus) & Robot (Jap)

Advil - 3x30 - October 2011
Director: Scotty Wilcox;  
1st AD: Nikki Long; 
Producer: Pippa Halfnight;
Production Company: Engine

3rd Assistant Director

Feature Films

The Wolverine - Main Unit -
July to November 2012
Director: James Mangold;  
1st AD: K. C. Colwell;
Key 2nd: Deb Antoniou;
2nd 2nd: Chris Turner/Nerida Groth;
Prod Co: Twentieth Century Fox

The Great Gatsby - Main Unit -
September - December 2011
Director: Baz Lurhmann;  
1st AD: Jen Leacey;
Key 2nd: Deb Antoniou;
2nd 2nd: Eddie Thorne/Sammi Smith,
3rd: Chris Turner;
Production Company: Bazmark

Paper Giants: The Birth  of Cleo - November - December 2010
Director: Daina Reid;  
1st AD: John Hartley;  
2nd: Angella McPherson;
Production Co: Southern Star 

Suing the Devil -
November - December 2009
Director: Tim Chey;  
1st AD: Liam Branagan;  
2nd : Nils Pedotti ;
Prod Co: Mouth Watering Prod.

 The Wolverine - 2nd Unit-
July - November 2012
Director: David Leitch;  
1st AD: Drew Bailey;
Key 2nd: Betty Fotofili;
Prod Co: Twentieth Century Fox

The Great Gatsby - 2nd Unit -
September - December 2011
Director: Baz Lurhmann;  
1st AD: Dimitri Ellerington;
2nd: Emma Jamvoldmi
Production Company: Bazmark

Yogi Bear 3D -
January - March  2010
Director: Eric Brevig;  
1st AD: James Giovannetti Jr.;  
2nd: Guy Campbell;  
2nd 2nd: Scott Lovelock;
3rd: Danielle Blake; 
Prod Co: Picnic Basket NZ Ltd. & Warner Bros

Griff the Invisible -
October 2009
Director: Leon Ford;
 1st AD: Greg Cobain;  
2nd : Samantha Neild;
Production Co: Griff the Invisible

TV / Web Series

This Christmas -
March / May 2012
Director: Trent O'Donnell;  
1st AD: Andy Howard;  
2nd AD: Jordan Taranto;
Production Company: Jungle Boys

Crownies (Season 1) -
January - August 2011
Director: Tony Tilse, Cherie Nolan, Grant Brown, Lynn Hegarty, Chris Noonan, Garth Maxwell & Jet Wilkinson;  
1st AD: Tony Gilbert & Sophy Robertson;
2nd AD: Claire Blake, Danielle Blake & Andrew Pante;
Production Company: Screentime

The Johnsons (Pilot) - May 2010
Director: Simon Frost;  1st AD: Andy Howard; 2nd AD: Jonas McAllen; Production Company: Cornerstone Pictures

Packed to the Rafters (Season 2) - Aug. / Sept.  2009
Director: Nick Bufalo & Pino Amenta;  
1st AD: Jason Holman, Karan Monkhouse;
2nd AD: Kate Todd;
3rd AD: Maree Cochrane; 
Production Co: Seven Network

Celebrity Apprentice -
January - March 2012
Director: Nick Davies;  
1st AD: Alison Meir;
Executive Producer: Karen Warner; Production Company: Fremantle Media

Home and Away -
May - October 2010
Director: David Gould, Jet Wilkinson & Geoff Nottage ;  
1st AD: Bryan Rees, Ian Astridge, Paul Ewing & Lara Frolchenko ;
2nd: Nils Pedotti & Crystal Cooke;
Production Co: Seven Network

Spirited (Season 1) -
October - November 2009
Dir: Jess Hobbs/Jonathan Teplitsky;  
1st AD: John Martin/Margie Beattie;  
2nd: Kate North-Ash;
3rd: Danielle Blake; 
Production Company: Southern Star


AAMI - Rhonda - September 2011
Director: Tim Bullock; 1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald; Producer: Kate Sawyer ; Production Company: Prodigy Films

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